About Right On, Kids!

Joyful and challenging themed explorations for kids and their grown-ups.

About Me

I’m a parent of two young children and (to my surprise!) a homeschool teacher. In college, I earned both an English degree and an interdisciplinary arts and science honors degree. I went on to earn an MA in English and left my PhD program in Victorian literature as an ABD graduate student, after I decided I didn’t want to go into academia. For several years, I taught college rhetoric courses, and I worked for many years as Co-Developer and Co-Administrator of the Anglo-American Legal Tradition web site, a free online resource of British legal records from the 12th to 19th centuries (in other words, I digitized a lot of very old books at the National Archives in London). I still read widely and read as though it’s my job.

About This Site

I designed the Right On, Kids! units for use with my own children, to encourage their curiosity, creativity, and compassion, and to help them experience the world from home. I wanted the units to be as diverse, inclusive, and progressive as I could make them, and I wanted them to reflect my belief that kids can think about and do big things. And (importantly) I wanted to enjoy it all, too.

I made these units with elementary school-aged children in mind, but I have also used them with a preschooler. I hope older children and adults might find something to be excited about here, too. While I make plenty of suggestions, nothing is essential, and I encourage you to use whatever books you have at hand or whatever your local library has available.

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And please get in touch if you’d like to work together or if you have comments, questions, or requests. If you’ve found my work helpful, I’d love to hear from you!